Your Trusted Credentialing Partner Expert Guide

Who We Are

TheCredentialing is a leading provider of innovative credentialing solutions that transform the credentialing process for healthcare providers of all sizes. Our distinctive solutions simplify credentialing workflows, streamline compliance, and ensure accuracy with industry standards and best practices; ultimately saving time and effort to maximize value and return

Our Mission

At TheCredentialing, we tend to provide you with much more than just expertise in the provider credentialing services, we serve as your dedicated partner helping you stay on the top of the ever-changing credentialing world. We perfectly understand that precision, compliance and efficiency are the areas, most emphasized when it comes to healthcare credentialing. That's why we equipped with ample resources, ensure that your journey through credentialing is seamless, efficient, and in full compliance with industry standards.

Our Vision

We see credentialing not just as an ordinary regulatory requirement rather we believe that it is an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to quality care and patient safety. Abiding by this vision, our experienced credentialing specialists work closely with each client to develop a well rounded plan that meets their specific needs and goals. Right from the start of the application till the issue resolution, not a single minor detail is overlooked.

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What Can You Verify?

  • State Licenses
  • NPI Number
  • DEA Registration
  • Board Certifications
  • SSA Death Master
  • NPDB
  • NSC

Our fast, accurate, and compliant verification process ensures that you can meet your credentialing requirements quickly and in an efficient manner.

Modern Technology Plus Proven Methodology

FAQs Section

What is the purpose of credentialing in healthcare?

Credentialing is recognized as a crucial process for all healthcare institutions that must be performed to ensure that those healthcare workers who will be providing the clinical services are qualified and competent enough to do so.

What is the difference between credentialing and payer enrollment?

Red flags include frequent practice changes or moves, unexplained time gaps in work history, and references that raise issues.

Can providers see patients before payer credentialing is done?

You must await the completion of your credentialing process and the counter execution of your contract by the insurance company, which will establish the effective date. Visits occurring before this effective date will be treated as out-of-network by the insurance company.